Please note that we do not pack products.
If you need bags, hang tags or etc., it will cost extra.
We also do not use our name on any our products. But we can engrave yours. It costs extra.

After confirming your registration, you will already see the prices assigned to you.

The minimum order amount is 300 euros for retailers.
The minimum order amount is 1200 euros for distributors/wholesalers.

All orders are accepted with no shipping cost.
We will calculate it separately according to your Country and the Courier rates applicable for that day.
Please do not pay invoice until we have not contacted you by email and sent you an invoice along with the shipping cost.
Also, the invoice sent by us will adjust the taxes according to the VAT codes you have or the country of residence.

Taxes will be recalculated according to the country and the company’s VAT code.
In Europe: If you do not have a VAT code, you will be charged 21%.
In Europe: if you have a VAT code then you are not taxed.
Non-European: You are not charged 21%.


Payment by bank transfer.

MB “Meciaus didmena”

VAT code: LT100010945318
Bank:  SEB
Account: LT307044060008162399
Bank code: 70440
Country: Lithuania

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